So You Want to Start Competing? Part 2

There are several aspects that need to be covered before moving on to compete.

Dancer warms-up before class

Once auditions are over and the dancer is chosen to be on the competition team, practices begin and go for hours for months.

Dancers are required to practice, depending on their studio, for 7-8 hours a week after school. Some students are even required to dance on the weekends just weeks before the first competition date. Continue reading


Competitive Dance: NOT like Dance Moms


Lifetime original show, "Dance Moms"

A lot of people have heard of the Lifetime original series, “Dance Moms,” and I have not heard such great things from the public or the dance world.

I was a competitive dancer for 10 years and have continued teaching and choreographing for competitive dancers since.

Dance Moms is a reality television series that takes place at the Abby Lee Dance Studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and follows the head instructor, Abby Lee Miller, and the mother’s of her team of six dancers, all under the age of 10. Continue reading